DNSSense is a DNS Layer Security Platform focused on actively protecting all devices in the network. Contact Obscure to find out about DNS Sense.

Leading cyber security specialist Obscure Technologies has formed a strategic alliance with DNSSense that will enable the delivery of DNS layer security, DNS analysis and advanced DNS visibility products to Africa’s enterprise networks.

Obscure Technologies is a company comprising cyber security experts specialising in brokering best-of-breed security solutions into the African market. Fielding one of the most highly skilled and certified cyber security teams of any distributor in South Africa, Obscure Technologies has become a formidable player in the African cyber security market in recent years.

DNSSense solutions make malicious DNS activities visible with AI-powered analysis through the provision of three integrated products – Secure DNS, DNS Visibility and Cyber X-Ray. Solutions in these areas aim to enable institutions to connect to the internet securely, while providing all DNS analysis data that security operations centre (SOC) teams need.

Obscure Technologies Chief Technology Officer Francois van Hirtum confirms that with the help of the analysis of DNSdata in corporate networks, the entire network’s security analysis can be achieved, and sophisticated attacks can be detected. “DNSSense is developing products to address these issues. We are very excited to announce this alliance as DNSSense is a fast-growing business that consists of R&D teams that conduct academic studies on cyber security and AI. It has hands-on, experienced engineers working on different aspects of IT such as software development, data science, AI and cyber security,” says Van Hirtum.

DNSSense Regional Channel Sales Manager Abdullah Kaymakci says the company aims to produce solutions that can be used by all institutions for security weaknesses caused by design deficiencies in the DNS protocol. “For example, DNSSense has its own DNSencryption algorithm, which can work on any device and in any environment – standard DNS protocols cannot do this,” he says.

Kaymakci outlines the DNSSense three integrated products as follows:

  • Secure DNS – easiest way to be secure. As a leading provider of DNS Layer Security, these solutions help businesses of all sizes and industries connect to the internet with confidence, on- and off-network. Secure DNS provides protection – for all users at DNS level – from harmful contents of the internet, such as ransomware, spam, phishing attacks and even zero-hour malware. It does this through the use of AI-based domain classification.
  • DNS Visibility – detects the attacks that others miss. It detects malicious traffic on networks and reports whether this traffic can be blocked by a company’s security devices.
  • Cyber X-Rays of Domains – the most advanced dynamic cyber threat intelligence for deep dive domain analysis.

“This strategic alliance is a significant addition to Obscure Technologies' solutions portfolio that serves to further strengthen our leadership position in the African cyber security landscape,” concludes Van Hirtum.

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