Obscure Technologies adds OneTrust to its market offerings

Leading cyber security specialist – Obscure Technologies – has announced the formation of a strategic alliance with OneTrust, the market-defining leader in trust intelligence. Obscure Technologies will now offer the following OneTrust product and solution stack: Professional Services, DataGovernance; Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC); PreferenceChoice and Privacy, to the South African market.

Obscure Technologies is a company comprising cyber security experts specialising in brokering best-of-breed security solutions into the African market. Fielding one of the most highly skilled and certified cyber security teams of any cyber security company in South Africa, Obscure Technologies has become a formidable player in the African market.

OneTrust’s technology platform connects privacy, GRC, ethics and environmental, social and governance (ESG) teams, data and processes so companies, big and small, can collaborate seamlessly and put trust at the centre of their operations and culture.

Darryl Barnes, Senior Partner Specialist, OneTrust, notes the global corporation helps customers to adopt better privacy practices so they can be trusted with customer data and deliver more valuable user experiences. “We help organisations and supply chains to be resilient in the face of cyber threats, global crises and natural disasters so they always remain in a ‘business as usual’ state and with confidence,” says Barnes.

“Obscure Technologies is an organisation comprised of highly skilled specialists who will deliver OneTrust’s solutions and the valuable business advantages associated with them to the South African market,” Barnes adds.

Obscure Technologies’ Vendor Manager, Kellen van Rooyen, notes that businesses lacking or losing trust often experience a substantial negative financial impact. “For example, recent data from Deloitte found that three $10 billion companies lost between 20% and 56% of their value when stakeholder trust was lost. Trusted companies, however, outperform the S&P 500 by 30% to 50%. These weighty statistics are just an indicator of the potential value Obscure Technologies can deliver to both our current and future customers through the addition of OneTrust to our portfolio,” says Van Rooyen.

OneTrust connects data, teams and processes for seamless collaboration – transforming trust from an abstract concept into competitive advantage and moving organisations from siloed compliance initiatives to co-ordinated trust intelligence.

OneTrust solutions power privacy and data governance, GRC, ethics and ESG programmes. They deliver regulatory compliance, proactive risk management and trusted data use across organisations. The co-ordinated trust platform provides compliance solutions across global regulations and frameworks.

Justin Lee, Managing Director, Obscure Technologies, says this a significant development for the company as it expands its solutions portfolio to the trust intelligence market. “In May this year, OneTrust launched the world’s first trust intelligence platformdesigned to build and demonstrate stakeholder trust. This provides businesses with visibility, action and automation across trust domains yielding insights across privacy, risk, ethics and ESG programmes, so companies can build trust initiatives that are transparent and verifiable for their customers,” concludes Lee.

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