Obscure Technologies named primary distributor in Africa for Illumio

Cyber security specialist – Obscure Technologies – has been named a primary distributor in Africa for Illumio, the pioneer and leader of zero trust segmentation.

Obscure Technologies is a company comprised of cyber security experts specialising in brokering best of breed security solutions into the African market. Fielding one of the most highly skilled and certified cyber security teams of any distributor in South Africa, Obscure Technologies has become a formidable player in the local cyber security market in recent years. 

Illumio prevents lateral movement, effectively stopping the spread of ransomware, viruses and cyber criminals by applying zero trust controls to applications, containers, clouds, data centres and endpoints. Illumio’s approach to zero trust delivers comprehensive visibility into application dependencies and provides the automated segmentation needed to reduce an organisation’s attack surface, contain cyber attacks and protect critical assets.

“The rise of ransomware and catastrophic breaches is accelerating adoption of a zero trust approach, and we are excited to partner with Obscure Technologies to protect organisations,” says Scott Walker, Senior Director of EMEA Channel and Alliances, Illumio. “By partnering with Obscure Technologies, organisations will be able to see their risk, contain attacks and ransomware, and secure their data with zero trust segmentation.”

Obscure Technologies MD, Justin Lee, says this is an exciting addition to the company’s comprehensive solution offerings. “The zero trust model of ‘never trust, always verify’ is regarded as the cornerstone of modern cyber security strategies. The addition of Illumio – a global leader in this field – is significant for us and further entrenches our position as a provider of world leading security solutions to the African market,” says Lee.

He highlights Illumio’s capabilities with regards to the lateral movement problem. “Lateral movement is a tactic where an intruder breaches the perimeter then moves across a network to reach their intended target, typically high-value assets. Illumio solves this problem by blocking attackers from moving from their initial point of entry with zero trust segmentation, which is why global customers rely on Illumio to reduce their cyber risk and bolster their business resiliency,” he adds.

Lee confirms Obscure Technologies is supplying Illumio products with immediate effect and throughout the continent.

For further information: www.obscuretech.net/illumio

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