eBook: Okta – Getting started with Zero Trust

eBook: Okta – Getting started with Zero Trust

Johannesburg, 02 Nov 2020
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Today’s threat landscape is more complex than ever. It is populated by advanced adversaries with a slew of sophisticated tools and tricks up their sleeves, that are designed to evade even the strongest security nets. This is why many organisations are looking to a ‘Zero Trust’ security model, which throws away the idea that we should have a “trusted” internal network and an “untrusted” external network.

The rise in the adoption of mobile and cloud technologies renders network perimeter-centric view of security obsolete. Instead, we need a ‘never trust, always verify’ approach to securely enable access for the multiple users, including employees, partners and contractors, that we have today, irrespective of their location, device or network.

Yesterday’s security architectures were built on the premise that we have two groups – trusted individuals who should be able to access everything inside the business, and untrusted ones who must be kept out. Security and IT teams invested in a slew of defensive systems that put up a high wall between them, with sentinels guarding the gates. And while this approach worked for a while, it became problematic, because when the walls were breached and bad actors gained a foothold on the network, they had access to almost everything on a company’s network.

Adding to this problem, today, more and more work is being done outside the safety of the corporate network, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning the network perimeter is becoming more and more difficult to enforce. There is no longer a wall around a business’s most valuable assets: staff members, contractors, partners and suppliers all access data from across the traditional perimeter.

In this eBook, Okta will explore the shifts in the security landscape that led to the creation of Zero Trust, what the Zero Trust Extended Ecosystem (ZTX) framework looks like today, and how businesses can harness the power of Okta as the foundation for a successful Zero Trust programme now, and in the future.

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